Milestone: 20,000 Words

Hot damn.

Twenty thousand words already, and it’s only been a week and three days. You know what that means? I’m tired.

But, I’m making good progress. I’ve written about seven different scenes. Some of them are consecutive, some of them aren’t. All in all, I’ve written the first couple of chapters and a few different sections near the middle of the story. Eventually, I’ll work on the end, but not for a while.

I can’t share everything with you, but here’s a short snippet:

The water lapped at our rowboat, hitting the sides in a rhythmic dance. Looking around us, all I could see was water. We had big lakes back home—Lake Ontario proved that—but this seemed to go on forever, the horizon curving far ahead. The smell was different, too. It didn’t smell like freshwater, even though it was. It smelled like kelp and algae and something sweet and rotting.

At least it wasn’t cold.

Woo, I like that part. It needs some reworking, but I’m happy with how things are shaping up for a first draft.

My next milestone is thirty thousand words. Hopefully, by then I’ll have overcome this writer’s fatigue. In the meantime, I’m trying to pencil out rough screenplays for each scene, it’s a great way to combat writer’s block.

See you in ten thousand words,



Author: Theodora Mitrakos

I read books about fictional people with lives that are much more interesting than my own. I'd like to believe one day I'll publish a book about fictional people with much more interesting lives than my own.